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Water Tank Installation for rainwater harvesting

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Water Tank Installation
Water Tank Installation

Water Tank Installation

The drastic climate changes all around the world has led to terrible water scarcity at certain regions. This sudden scarcity and draught conditions at certain places have made people realize the significance of rainwater and led them to crack every ideal way for saving rainwater as much as possible. If you also want to be a part of the process and utilize rainwater for all the household works and other necessities, except for drinking, then the following article holds a few significant points which might enlighten you.

Water tank installation is an important part of the rain harvesting system as the collected rainwater is stored in these tanks. The water thus, stored in the tanks can be effectively used for a wide array of things in a household but must not be used for drinking or cooking purposes. The water does not undergo any filtration process and so is not fit for personal consumption. However, it can be safely used for doing other household chores. If your house has a swimming pool, the rainwater can be effectively used for filling the pool too.

Things to consider before the water tank installation

  • Size of the water tank

The size of the tank that you buy depends on several factors:

  1. Council regulations

There are specific regulations laid down by the city council regarding the size of the water tank. Typically, tanks with a storage capacity of less than 10,000L do not require council approval or do not need to apply for a special permit. However, it is always better to ask about the regulations, if any, related to the water tank installation that you must know.

If there is a need for a water tank with a storage capacity of more than 10,000L, then it is important that you strictly follow all the city council guidelines to avoid flouting any rules. You may have to pay a hefty penalty otherwise.

  1. Usage of the stored water

How much water is used by your family determines the size of the water tank. For proper water tank installation, you need to hire a professional team. After assessing the usage of the stored water, they can guide you accurately and tell you which size of the water tank will be ideal for your home.

  1. Adequate space for proper water tank installation

Water tanks are usually installed on the roof of the house. The space on the roof must be sufficient to accommodate the water tank. So, the size of the roof also determines the size of the water tank that you buy for your home.

  1. Rainfall

The water collected in the tank depends basically on how much rainfall the area where you live experiences. If you get a good amount of rainfall, you may opt for a bigger tank, but if you live in a low-rainfall area, buying a big water tank will serve no purpose.

Type of the water tank

Different types of water tanks made of different materials are available in the market. They are:

  •  Polyethylene tanks

They are the easiest to install as they are lightweight. As they are not prone to corrosion, they are durable. Also, they can be installed on any type of surface.

  • Fiberglass tanks

These tanks are rust and corrosion free and are durable as they can withstand hot weather conditions. However, for water tank installation of fibreglass tanks, one needs to be careful about the surface on which it is installed. Since they are thinner and made of rigid material, they are prone to developing cracks if placed on an uneven surface.

  • Concrete tanks

These tanks last the longest, but they cannot be pre-fabricated. They are usually built on the site at the time of the water tank installation. Besides keeping the stored water cool, they prevent the spread of algae around them.

  • Metal tanks

They are made of galvanized steel or corrugated metal and can be manufactured to customized specifications. The heavy-duty galvanized steel tanks are coated with a layer of zinc to prevent corrosion.

  • Position of the water tank

Water tank installation is also determined by the place where the tank needs to be placed. Care must be taken that it does not block sunlight or ventilation for people living around your house. Also, for future maintenance purposes, it must be positioned in a place where it is easily accessible.


Rainwater harvesting is an eco-friendly initiative that every one of the people must adopt. You must consider the above-mentioned points before the water tank installation to ensure that the installation process is executed without a hitch.

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