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Tulipshare Amazon wants to count offer on workers’ rights at AGM


Amazon seeking to count retail investors ’ offer on workers ’ rights at its coming Annual General Meeting, says investment platform Tulipshare Tulipshare has submitted the offer on behalf of retail investors. But Amazon’s attorneys wrote to US SEC to try and get the offer barred

By Jane Denton For Thisismoney

Amazon is seeking to count a offer on workers ’ rights from its coming Annual General Meeting, according to activist investment platform Tulipshare.

Tulipshare submitted the offer on behalf of retail investors, and it has prompted Amazon to commission an independent inspection of the working conditions workers of the US online retail giant face.

But, in January Amazon’s attorneys wrote to the US Securities and Exchange Commission requesting that the workers ’ rights offer be barred from its 2022 deputy statement.

In 2020, over 400 lawmakers from 34 countries inked a letter addressed to also- CEO Jeff Bezos demanding that Amazon more cover its workers

But, Tulipshare said activist investors hope to be suitable to work recent changes to the SEC’s new guidance, which came into force on 3 November.

rather, activist investors will be suitable to argue that the unsafe working conditions allegedly faced by some of Amazon’s storehouse workers qualifies as a significant social policy that transcends the ordinary business of the company.

Offer Amazon is seeking to count a offer on workers ’ rights from its coming Annual General Meeting, according to activist investment platform, Tulipshare

Tulipshare is the supereminent guarantor to submit a offer on workers rights.

Tulipshare said ‘ While Amazon strives to be the “ Earth’s Stylish Employer ” and “ Earth’s Stylish Place to Work ”, a recent report indicated that Amazon storehouse workers suffer serious injuries at a rate which is 80 per cent advanced than those who work atnon-Amazon storages. ’

Despite this, there were no proffers relating to workers ’ conditions included at Amazon’s 2021 AGM.

In response, thousands of retail investors backed our crusade to insure this issue is bandied in 2022.

We’re confident Amazon will hear to shareholders this time and work collaboratively with us to insure the safety of all workers. ’

This is plutocrat has communicated Amazon for comment.

Shares in Amazon have surged over 200 per cent in the once five times, but are down 14 per cent time- on- time.


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