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Top Dubai Desert Safari with Dune Bashing

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desert Safari
desert Safari

desert Safari

The best experience in the desert, Dubai is an exhilarating mixture of the dune smashing, and numerous sand activities on the super red dunes. The Arabian Sands of Dubai is a tranquil natural, stunning and beautiful scene that must be seen. If you happen to be in this area, you must visit the United Arab Emirates and enjoy Dubai Desert Safari.

However, dunes bashing can be a great amount of fun, it’s not ideal for all. The desert safari Dubai offers more thrilling activities for international tourists as well as locals to provide them an unforgettable, stunning and exciting experience.

In addition, spectacular scenes, vibrant subculture as well as exotic wildlife and thrilling Dune bashing is offered on the dunes that are high in red. Dune bashing can be done with the guidance of certified experts. In addition, 4X4 vehicles come with safety features. But, we offer the most enjoyable morning, night and overnight desert safari, which includes top-quality dune bashing as well as other sand-based activities on the high-red dunes.

Are you looking forward to more romance, excitement, and unforgettable desert safari in Dubai? This includes Live Belly dancings, Tanoura and Fire shows, as well as an exquisite BBQ buffet dinner in the night. Do you want to explore the rich and mysterious side of the high-red Arabian dunes?

Find out about the Best Desert Safari Dubai with BBQ Dinner

Dinner in the Bedouin Camp:

We provide the best desert safari in Dubai including mouth-watering intercontinental as well as Emirati food. After a day of physical sand-based activities such as dune bashing ATV quad bike, sand-boarding and camel rides. You should focus on the wonderful meal that includes many options of vegetarian and non-veg meals. Dinner is served in the Bedouin camp while watching entertainment live.

In addition to the thrilling performances of belly dancers who shake their bellies and the LED and Traditional Tanoura show. The dancers spin in a spinning motion and thrilling fire shows. In which the stuntman performs with the fire and astonishes the audience with his talents.

Girls and ladies get their feet and hands painted with soft and soothing Henna tattoos. This tour can be customized to the evening and over night. We also offer an early morning and early morning desert safaris. That includes an exploration of the dawn, thrilling sandy activities, and a delicious lunch buffet including refreshing drinks.

Get some exotic Sand art from the shops at the Bedouin camp and take some unforgettable memories of your trip to your house.

Luxury Dubai Desert Safari:

It is luxurious Dubai Desert safari includes extravagant services as well as private pick-and-drop services. In the event that guests assist with the table service for VIP guests and all beverages and BBQ buffet dinner served at the table. We also design an additional Arabian themed camp set-up depending on your preferences. Alongside is a real-time BBQ dinner is cooked by top chefs who are in town.

In the simplest terms, you have an opportunity to add and exclude the sand-based activities as well as Arabian camp services from your tour package. A wonderful private dinner or lunch that is based on the tour’s variations. We’d love to take you to the most beautiful spots in the red high Arabian dunes. You’ll be able to enjoy the stunning sunrise or sunset views. This luxurious or VIP or private safari will be forever remembered.

Best Tips for Desert Safari Dubai:

Dress Code:

It is recommended to wear loose-fitting, comfortable cotton clothing. The temperature will remain high during the afternoon. On the other hand it will be cool and chilly following sunset. Therefore, it is advisable to carry a shawl and lightweight jacket or light jacket to wear during the evening or nighttime.

Skin Care:

If you’re experiencing issues with delicate skin, be sure to perform a gentle cleanse prior to constricting in the sun. For instance, if you’re experiencing sunburn be sure to wear a hat mask or apply a generous quantity of sunblock.


While you could pay for a tour at the time of picking up. It would be beneficial to have cash along. Therefore, you can purchase some products from the shops in camp and also avail an additional or paid sand and activities at camp.

Be Patient:

There are times when you have to sit and wait for the sand to play because of the crowd. Be patient and wait until the time to make sure there is peace for everyone.


It is a good idea to wear footwear that is open like flip-flops, sandals and flip-flops. Do not wear closed shoes since it is difficult to walk on sandy ground.

Safety Precautions:

Be sure to follow the safety tips when you are participating in Sand activities on the red dunes. For example, dune bashing Camel ride ATV bikes Sandboarding, dune buggy or ride.

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