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How to Use Leather Jackets to Boost Your Business Casuals?

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leather jackets
leather jackets

leather jackets

Are you tired of wearing the same boring casuals to work? Do you want to add grace and style to your regular casuals? Well, if you’re interested in doing so, then this is what you need to give a read to.

We know that workplaces have certain dress codes, and we are not at all violating any of those. Instead, we are about to boost up the look with grace, style and elegance. 

Business casuals such as shirts paired up with pants, turtleneck sweaters with pants and shirts with sweater vests and pants can look even more classier and chic, if accessorized with a good leather jacket.

Leather jackets have always been an ultimate package of masculinity, attitude and boldness. And what could be a better attire than a leather jacket, to showcase your masculinity and determination. You can explore a wide range of leather jackets on Bape Hoodie.

We believe that everyone of us today, owns a good leather jacket in our wardrobes. Be it black or brown, we all have it. And it won’t be wrong to say that we all would love to wear it for work, right?

In this detailed article, we will be listing some classic ways to use leather jackets to boost your business casuals. Give it a read.

  • Comfort first

Though dressing up well for work is very important, what’s more important is to be comfortable. You can pair up your business casuals with a decent and comfortable leather jacket, to make sure that you stay in your comfort zone. Do not wear extra fitted and uncomfortable attire to work, just because you want to look stylish and chic. The leather jacket that you choose to wear for work, must be constructed from good material and inner lining, that is soft and breathable. It’s better to wear a jacket that is lightweight and durable. 

  • Make sure the leather jacket fits 

The fitting of your leather jacket matters the most. You do not want to feel uncomfortable all day long at work, just because your jacket is too tight, would you? Also, do not go for a baggy leather jacket, as it will give a very inappropriate look at work. When you are picking out a leather jacket for work, make sure it is comfortable and neutral; that is, not too tight and not too loose either. 

  • Keep things simple

Keeping things simple and minimal, is the key point to go with. For a decent look at work, match up your outfit with a classic and simple leather jacket. For instance, don’t pick out the jacket that has studs, buckles, fringes or logo embellishments. Instead, go with a leather jacket that has a minimal design, with either a ribbed or a snap tab buttoned collar, with a front zippered closure, simple welt pockets and a perfect fit. Carrying a simple looking leather jacket at work will maintain the decency of your personality.

  • Go with neutral colors

Another important point to go through whilst choosing a leather jacket to wear for work, is the shade of your leather jacket. It would be better to go with shades such as black, brown, gray or blue. Avoid picking out sparky and bright colors such as red, yellow, orange, purple and maroon, because these colors will never match up with the business casual ambiance. Charcoal gray, navy blue or even rusty brown can be great choices. 

  • Be sophisticated

Last but not the least, maintain a sophisticated and decent look at work. Do not think about styling up your outfit to the extent where you cross the boundary of decency and sophistication. It is important to choose a basic and decent outfit to pair up with your leather jacket, because you wouldn’t want to ruin the overall look just because of some wrong mix up of colors. For instance, instead of wearing red jeans and a black tee along with a leather jacket to work, wear decent black pants and match it up with a white shirt and accessorize it with a tie. That’s sophistication. 


We believe that the above-mentioned ways of using leather jackets to boost your business casuals must’ve been quite helpful to you. Make sure to carry yourself in a decent and sophisticated manner, and let all the praises come through. 

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