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How To Identify A Genuine Leather Jacket – 10 Things You Need To Check

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genuine leather jacket

genuine leather jacket

Winter is coming! And with it comes the urge to buy a genuine leather jacket.

genuine leather jacket are the most versatile piece of clothing in both men’s and women’s wear. It is said to be a complete package of style, attitude and legacy. Leather jackets are considered to be the perfect outerwear for winters, as it is warm, comfortable and protective. 

Back in time, people used to hunt down animals and wear their raw skins as shelter. These skins provided them warmth and protection from wind, rain and dust. Then later in the early 1900s, leather jackets were introduced for military pilots, as they required warmth and protection in cold temperatures. Since then, leather jackets have been a staple piece of apparel in our fashion industry. 

Now, there are two types of leather jackets. One, a genuine one, that is constructed from genuine animal skin, and the second one, is a faux leather jacket that is crafted from synthetic materials. Of course, strength and sturdiness that a faux leather jacket doesn’t. The Ted Lasso Sweater offers a variety of leather jackets online, by specifically indicating which one is genuine and which one is not. Do explore the brand for some classic leather jackets. 

Though a genuine leather jacket can be quite expensive, as it is manufactured from genuine animal hide, the investment is totally worth it. If taken good care of a genuine leather jacket, it can last for more than a decade, even a lifetime. 

Since genuine leather jackets are expensive, you wouldn’t want to get scammed by spending all your big bucks on a fake leather jacket, would you? Well, to save you from this disaster, we are here with 10 things that you need to check when you’re buying. 

  • Check the label inside the jacket

First things first. Before buying a leather jacket, check the label inside it. If the label says ‘man made material’, then it means the jacket is constructed from synthetic materials, and is not genuine. Also, if the label doesn’t say anything at all, it means that it isn’t real. But, if the label mentions real leather, top/full grain leather, genuine leather or made with animal products, then the jacket is genuine and worth investing in.

  • Press the material to check the texture

The easiest way to differentiate fake and real leather, is to check the texture of the jacket. You can press up your finger on the surface of the jacket, and as you lift your finger up, if the jacket is genuine, you’ll notice the texture seems wrinkled and creased. But if the jacket is not genuine, there will not be any change in the texture. 

  • Smell the jacket

The smell of leather is highly noticeable and unique. Genuine leather smell is organic and natural. Whereas, faux leather jackets have a plastic like smell, that can easily be distinguished from a genuine one. 

  • Do the water absorbance test

Genuine leather has the property of absorbing water, whereas fake leather doesn’t. If you want to differentiate between a genuine and fake leather jacket, you can always do the water absorbance test. All you have to do is put two drops of water on the surface of the jacket; if the leather absorbs it, then the jacket is genuine. But if it doesn’t, and the water droplets remain on the surface, then it is fake. 

  • Touch and feel the fabric

You can always touch and feel the fabric. Genuine leather has pores, pebbles and scratches that can be felt by touching the fabric. Whereas, fake leather jackets are super smooth and free from imperfections.

  • Check the edges keenly

A genuine leather jacket has rough roundness and coarse edges, because it is constructed from genuine animal hides. Whereas, the edges of a fake leather jacket are smooth and perfect. This is the most effective way to identify. 

  • Do the weight check

This one’s our favorite and definitely the easiest one. Genuine leather is heavier than synthetic leather. You can always weigh the jacket and that’ll clear things up. 

  • Apply the fire test

Though you cannot apply this test before purchasing the jacket, this one clears it out perfectly. Genuine leather doesn’t smell when a flame is placed on it. Thus, if you apply the fire test on the jacket, you’ll notice nothing. But, when you apply it on a faux leather jacket, you’ll witness a burning plastic smell.

  • Bend the jacket carefully

If you bend a genuine leather jacket, on release, you will notice the variation in pores and colors. But, at the same time, if you bend and release a faux leather jacket, you will notice no elasticity or stretch. 

  • Don’t get fooled by the color

Don’t leave a genuine leather jacket just because the color doesn’t seem real. Not only black and brown leather jackets are genuine, even a hot red or an electric blue leather jacket can be constructed from genuine leather. Differentiate between genuine and fake, by using the above-mentioned ways. 


Investing in a genuine leather jacket can be tricky, but once you have it in your hands, you’ll never be able to get over it. Get yourself a genuine leather jacket and let it embrace you with the charm, style and grace that you’ve been craving for.  

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