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business ideas for 2022

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business ideas

What is Business idea.

business ideas

business ideas

When you hear about an idea and you’re like I’m the one to do this let’s talk about top profitable business ideas for 2022.

The first business idea actually comes from me as a creator. I rely on stock footage a lot some b-rolls that you see in this video.

There are different platforms out there like story blogs like shutter stock but the problem with every single platform is they try to curate high quality content when the end purchaser a you tuber I don’t need high quality content.

Relievable content.

I want content that is relatable i want content that is made. With the phone you know sometimes you look at the pictures and the faces are just plastic they’re not like real people they’re polished they’re over Photoshop the light is just too perfect.

I don’t want perfect footage i want real footage if I’m filming in Stanford i would love to buy. Some students footage made with his iPhone when he showed his you know class or when I’m filming about an airport I don’t want this 4k beautiful plastic person going through customs and waving people i want real footage made with iPhone when somebody’s traveling just recording there.

Phone camera business ideas for 2022

Where people submit real life footage made with their phones even with a camera but that doesn’t look too polished and doesn’t look like it’s from another world the next idea and it’s actually a problem that i experienced myself and i just found a solution.

But I also see the market growing like crazy over 60 million people in the us own crypto i sold some crypto in 2021.

so for example last year i sold five thousand dollars’ worth of crypto Coinable just gives me a report saying you made five thousand dollars in profit.

Some reason major crypto exchanges.

So i made a loss but for some reason major crypto exchanges just don’t do it like and what. I had to do i had to download a csv file and manually create my calculations like okay.

So basically this does not exist with major brokers. You have to do things manually and this is a huge market opportunity business ideas and there is. Actually a company doing this and the next segment of this video is sponsored by them.

What is crypto.

When you know there is an app to optimize every part of our life so they built this app to optimize the tax filing process for people who bought and sold crypto coyly tracks every transaction in all of your crypto accounts and it creates those reports for you.

So basically what you do you connect your crypto wallets and crypto accounts to coin. And they automatically start collecting information that you need to file your taxes there.

Talked Conley who identified this market opportunity.

I strongly recommend using coil to file your crypto taxes now we talked Conley. Who identified this market opportunity but what i also want you to understand whenever you identify and business ideas

But it could also grow wider nationwide check this market out. I think it’s huge and another ideas i also had but this is like a bigger startup silicon. Valley style idea is check out with your license in a car. Like we have so many drive-through things. We have McDonald’s we have you know parking where you have to pay.

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