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5 Best Games For PC To Play in 2022

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Best game

Best game

Slay the Becket

In a roguelike, variety is king Slay the Becket’s constantly changing balconies of capability cards. Important bones, and the three drastically different playable characters. Keep these turn-grounded battles fresh and engaging for far longer than they’ve any right to. Watching your character’s attacks, defenses, chops, and powers evolve across. Its three chapters is a trip, and throwing your hand in at the end of a run knowing you may no way see it’s like again. Best game can be like saying farewell to a friend you were only just getting to know.



Of course, the possibility of getting an indeed better combination. The coming time through makes it tough to repel hitting the New Game button, and the randomized. Daily Climb runs give indeed stagers a new and intriguing way to play every day.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends surprise launched in February 2019 and it’s been raising the bar for battle royales ever ago. Inspired by the gunplay and movement from Respawn’s acclaimed Titanfall 2, Apex also enforced Overwatch-style character capacities. Which made it feel fully distinct from the other major players in the kidney. While Apex is out on PlayStation, Xbox, and now Switch and mobile, on PC Apex feels. The most fluid and natural as it gives us the freedom to completely subsidize the range of movement it offers. It also has Apex Arenas as an endless mode that emulates round-grounded matches like those in Valor ant. Where you can buy your capacities and munitions before each round and features 3v3 competitions. So indeed, if battle royales aren’t your speed, there’s a way for you to get in and enjoy the action. And with its harmonious pace of updates every three to four months. Apex Legends stands out as one of the stylish free-to-play PC best games, time after time.

God of War

God of War made a huge impact when it launched as a PlayStation exclusive in 2018, indeed taking home IGN’s Game of the Year award. But its greatness didn’t depend on its platform, and its appearance on Steam in early 2022 opened it up to a whole new followership – bone

that should absolutely take the occasion to play it if they haven’t ahead.

This reinvention of the classic series is truly fantastic, all the way from its excellent and grueling combat to the incredibly touching story that weaves it together. It’s gorgeously presented and thorough in its detail, taking advantage of its roots while instituting them in a way that feels fresh again. It’s a true name from the last decade, and it absolutely deserves to be counted amongst other PC greats now that it’s then.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

In short, Final Fantasy XIV isn’t just the stylish MMO you can play right now, it’s a fantastic Final Fantasy game in its own right. Through its relaunch and posterior four expansions, FFXIV has sluggishly morphed from a fairly general good-versus-evil plot into a sprawling, political, and fantastical suspense. The rearmost expansion, End walker, brings a satisfying conclusion to the game’s now 8-time plot, returning some familiar faces, settling old scores, and of course saving the world from the topmost disaster yet.

Don’t be spooked down by the fact that it’s online. Despite being an MMO, Square- Eni has streamlined effects so much that, if you don’t want to, you really don’t have to play with other people. Story operations are intended to be dived solo, and indeed instanced dungeons now have an option for you to enter with computer-controlled party members rather than forcing you into a group with nonnatives. Of course, it’s also a completely- dilate MMO with end- game marauding that ranges from completely accessible to maddeningly chastising.


Hades is the current gold standard of the roguelike kidney, and it isn’t indeed close. From its exhilarating combat to its inconceivable soundtrack, to its clever and well-written narrative with characters that putatively no way run out of meaningful effects to say, all the way to its deep and innovative post-Best game that keeps you wanting to come back for further indeed after beating the last master.

Hades is incredibly delicate, but it no way feels chastising in defeat. Dying is part of the game, and actually comes with its own prices in the form of new exchanges with its fascinating cast of characters, new openings to buy game-changing upgrades, and an occasion for a brand-new run with a fully new set of godly boons that dramatically alter how you approach combat. Hades is a masterclass of rogue-lite design and just another illustration of how Supergiant best Games just doesn’t miss.

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